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  1. That's about what I found Facebook. Connected with a few since posting this. Thanks Cachesaurous
  2. I the spirit of May 22 I want to thank Geocaching and all the beta testers for a great android app! When I am not using my gpsr I use this app only, its great for "on the go" for me and if I need more info with my gpsr. I use it to plan and save lists Thank you !
  3. well I had that coming I should have specified where are you online. since posting I found some fantasic facebook groups!
  4. Okay I was meaning within the Android app I did not know what that meant when I did it in browser so I actually got something else answered and now this corrected. So double thanks if that's a thing
  5. You make that sound so simple haha I will go back and look thank you both for your time
  6. Hello I love the solve mystery corodinates option! However I put in the wrong solved corodinates, how do I correct it? Thank you!
  7. Oh I very much like this be feature I'm going to give it a good workout during planetary Pursuit
  8. I love to search trackables too! If given the option I would always try for a trackable in a cache then one with out every time! i love to be apart of the journey!
  9. The question is...is premium worth it. After receiving atrial I can offically answer yes, in my opinion the answer is yes.
  10. Hello fellow Canucks. I noticed this section of the forums doesn't have much attention. Where are the more active chats for Canadian content. Is it mostly within more localized Facebook groups? I've joined a lot of the Ontario ones I'm in Southern Ontario I've been enjoying that. I would say I'm New Olders Cascheing even though I'm a long-time player or at least long time account holder.
  11. Hello I live in Southern Ontario I would love to head up north and get that go tour that is currently advertised where you get the geocoin for finishing. Is anybody having fun with that up there? Are people actually getting the coins would love to see a picture.
  12. I have a Magellan 310. I have found the plugins don't work and I save the GPX file and put it right into the folder on the unit when I connect it to the computer. I am also quite new at this and new to the Magellan and this is the best I have figured out this far. The following is a copy and paste reply that I received in another Forum I'm not sure if it a hundred percent apply to your specific unit but maybe there's something here you'll find a value. " used to have a Magellan Explorist unit awhile ago and can probably help answer some questions. Are you a premium member and can create pocket queries? Because that's the absolute easiest way of getting caches into the Magellan: (1) create pocket query (2) download & unzip pocket query (3) connect the Magellan with your computer & open it like a file folder (4) there are 2 files from your pocket query: the caches & the associated waypoints - put the waypoints file in the waypoints folder in your Magellan, and the other file into the geocaches folder in your Magellan Absolutely the easiest way - if you're not a premium member then you need to either: (1) download each cache you're interested in separately (download the GPX file and put it in the geocaches folder, download the LOC waypoint file and put it in the waypoint folder) (2) get the software for the Magellan so that you can use the "Send to my GPS" button on the cache - I could never get that software to work properly when I had my Magellan."
  13. Thanks for that! its a bit tricky to get my head around but i see it as a tool I will want to use!
  14. Thank you I appreciate your time. I'll try your suggestions I think I was attribute click happy butt I see the different approach
  15. Trying to understand pocket query From picture The top secton, you pick what you want The bottom, you choose what you don't want For the bottom do you need to tap twice to get it to have a cross thru to not select. It is just tapping once enough? Should I choose everything I want, I'm working thru full understanding it to get it perfect. Can you get a print out in gpx? a loc is more basic I assume? And the gpx can contact more info. I have seen the are available per cache but not in a bulk. Correct? I have a megellan 310 and it looks awesome for caching!
  16. Well those are good thing to watch for, I cache with young kids (age 3)
  17. That link for free printables is great. It's no hard to make your own. I think I'll invest in rite in rain ones for my own caches. How many people pack thier own log sheets for the they find the soggy or full ones? I came across a cache that the owner only wanted digital logs.
  18. RuideAlmeida may have a premium trial? Thank you
  19. Thank you. I appreciate the reply and touch I understand better now. I appreciate the time you all to to rely. Cheers
  20. I was reading over the terms of use and I don't really understand what the risk is I suppose. And what am I exactly agreeing to. I suppose I just want to make sure I'm not opening myself up to some greater risk that I'm ignorant to.
  21. Hello friends I want to do my first cache and I'm reading over all the rules and guides I can. On some of the fine print it mentions taking on some liabilities. So I'm not doing anything risky with my cache or in any violations for the position. Or at least that's what I think at this point I'm still researching. I guess it makes me a little concerned about liabilities and what that could actually mean. Another comment that came up in a podcast I was listening to was that the possessions like a geocoin could become my responsibility if it goes missing from my cache, is this a concern or did I misunderstand it. I'm trying to do the best job I can and it here to all the rules and make a good quality cash I have some concerns because I don't want to get trouble and I don't want anybody coming to my cash to be hurt. I suppose I'm just wondering what that fine print would include and how I can protect myself and continue having fun and moving on to the next step of the game. Thank you in advance I know it's not a clear question that I'm asking but I would appreciate your time.
  22. micros for me or not something I want because I have young kids, my oldest is 3 so we want rewards a hut and one he can participate more active and actually find! a slip of paper is not that much of a thrill Ha
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