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Archived caches

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21 hours ago, coachstahly said:

For someone who doesn't really care much about this issue, you're certainly determined.  Although it may be in violation of a guideline, there's no way to ENFORCE that guideline.  Your argument that the cache shouldn't be there (even though there's actually a cache container with a log at that location) makes sense in a world where enforcement can and does take place.  In an activity that gets so many cachers who join, stay active for a few months, and then disappear, it's an unrealistic expectation to think that those types of cachers will develop a sense of responsibility whereby they go and pick up their caches when they're done.  You and I (and most of those on the forums) have been around long enough to develop that sense of responsibility and can set that expectation, but even with that, there's no way to make sure that they do what we have made our normal mode of operation.  Your continual insistence that it shouldn't be there flies in the face of the fact that they ARE actually there.  

Since they are actually there, not allowing a cacher to log an archived cache is also in violation of a guideline that states that if you find a cache and sign the log, you're allowed to claim the find online.  


It's accurate because it accurately reflects the basic premise of the activity - find a cache, sign the log, claim the find.  The fact that it's archived does not negate the fact that a cache was found and there's no argument you can make that invalidates this fact.  You're allowed to log an archived cache because you followed the basic premise behind this entire activity.  Find something, sign the log to prove you found it, and then log it online. 

Should it have been removed? Yes.  I'm not arguing that point and agree with you but the fact is that it wasn't removed.  What I'm debating is the validity of a find for an archived cache that's still in place, for whatever reason it might still be in place, be it the death of a CO, a CO who has quit for whatever reason and can't retrieve their cache, or an irresponsible CO (I suspect this is the majority of the archived, abandoned caches out there).  The fact still remains that a cache was found.  I fail to understand why you would deny a find when all a cacher has done is find a cache that, for whatever reason, was archived and not removed like it should have been.  It goes against the very premise of what makes geocaching, well, geocaching.  That's why I believe you're allowed to log a find on an archived cache.

Your right about one thing.  There is really no way to enforce it so I guess it's up to each individual to decide for themselves what the right thing to do is.  

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On 1/23/2018 at 10:39 AM, J Grouchy said:

This morning I did just that.  I'd already found the cache and noticed it had been archived.  I drive by there all the time, so today I stopped to check and, sure enough, it was still there (despite a string of four DNFs).  I grabbed the cache and sent the CO an email offering to get it to him...but no telling if he'll want it back.  It was a very clever hide for an ammo can in an urban area, so if he doesn't respond, I plan to put it to good use!  Since I'd already found it, I posted a Note to the cache page explaining.  We shall see...


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