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Wherigo caches and additional waypoints

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I just finished my first Wherigo cartridge using Wherigo\\kit and it seems to work perfectly.

After I finished testing on multiple devices and placed the cache, I want to publish the Wherigo cartridge on Wherigo.com and the cache on geocaching.com.

The starting point is on top of the cache listing and the cache coordinates are entered as Final Waypoint. Also I added parking coordinates.

The cartridge contains 39 more zones. Some contain just information, others are questions about existing objects. If this was a multi, I would add them as reference points and virtual stages.

But what about Wherigo? Do I have to add all 39 zones to the additional waypoints list? Or can I choose not to add them?

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Wherigo cartridges, when used for geocaches, follow the same guidelines as multis and mysteries: places where you have something physically hidden need to be listed with the geocache.  Typically, people only hide a geocache at the cartridge's final stage, hence the requirement to list the cartridge's final stage.  However, if you hid a box of goodies as a hint to the next stage at each of the 39 zones, you'd have to list each one of them when submitting the geocache.  This means if you haven't hidden something there, your Wherigo stages are virtual and don't need to obey the geocache proximity guideline.

To answer anyone's question about why someone would hide something at anything but the final stage, let me illustrate with an example cartridge I came up with just for this situation (feel free to make an actual cartridge based around it).  In the cartridge's story, you're a detective trying to solve a murder mystery.  At one stage of the cartridge, the player/detective finds a box with things from the crime scene.  The detective needs to figure out where to go next (as the cartridge's next stage is hidden from the player).  Using what the player found in the box, the player deduces the next location and walks or drives there.  The cartridge proceeds.  In this example, you'd have to list on your geocache listing that stage with the clue box.

I hope this illustrates all situations you'd need to know concerning listing Wherigo stages with your geocache.

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Thank you for the clarification, Ranger Fox.
And of course, thank you for your Wherigo\\kit!

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