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Snopy a sonic

CZcacher forgot cache! Help!

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I have a big problem. I actually forget name of cache that I found near Lipoltic in CZ. When I tried look for it on the map, there wasnt anything like that near the place I found it. It was semi-finished product of pet bottle. :( Its  3 months back.  Can someone help me? 

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Hi Snoopy a sonic,

there are six traditional caches, two multi-caches and an earth-cache near Lipoltice:


GC70E8K Lipolticky kostel

GC76039 Okolo Lipoltic 2 - fotbal

GC3W1J3 Bila kobyla v Lipolticich

GC25R7X Pelechovske udoli

GC327HH Shrekova tun

GC2AFTW Lom Chrtniky


GC1EYFJ Lipoltice

GC2ERK1 Evropske rybniky


GC73E8B Brloh - lom u dvou mori


Try to ask their owners. They could be informed if any cache nearby was archived.








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Use the Map Compare feature on project-gc.com to look for archived caches in the area.

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