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Want to take ownership of an existing cache near Madison, WI?

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I'm looking for someone or a group to take ownership of the cache Dane County Mountain Climbing (GCVENG, https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCVENG_dane-county-mountain-climbing?guid=09a98054-a8e4-48d3-8623-5b188825ef7d) effective immediately. My father and I placed it more than 10 years ago now and judging from the recent logs, it is in need of some maintenance. Unfortunately, neither my father nor I live near Madison, Wisconsin anymore so we cannot perform this maintenance. I would rather have someone else who is invested in the cache maintain it for the future than have to resort to removing the cache. The only thing I ask is that the cache stays in the same location but besides that we welcome the new owner to improve the cache in whatever way they see fit. Please help us keep this well loved cache going!

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A lotta favorites too...     These types always too far for me.

Sure the "same location" isn't the reason for that soaked container?  Numerous soaked/wet logs (but only one NM?) shows an issue.

Maybe a couple feet keeps it better protected, and I guess you realize you'd really have no say after adoption.  ;)

I'd look for a local facebook group , or email a cacher who favorited it to plan adoption.  These forums not too busy because of fb...

With eleven people watching, I'd even log a Write Note on the cache page, as that message will go out to eleven people (if they're all still active).  :)

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