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Motorcycle Caching


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Yesterday I took my motorcycle on a cache hunt. It was interesting, as I couldnt constanty refer to the GPS to see if I was going in the right direction (over shot the site by 20 miles), then hiking on a trail in my full cycling gear (helmet included) added some more challenges. It defenitly added a different aspect to the cache hunt experience.


So my question(s) are: Anybody else do this? Have same challenges? Would anyone be interested in a group motorcycle cache hunt?

A motorcycle gang of geocachers???


We could have leather jackets with "HellsCachers" on the back. I am sure that would cause concern and confusion at the biker bars, which is a good thing. -C icon_cool.gif

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I would be very surprised if your bike doesn't have a helmet lock.

I have a Goldwing that I've cached a bit on. I don't like sport bikes, so the only logical choice for me was a full dresser.

I had a Nghthawk 650 for long enough to realize that I wanted a fairing on my bike. Hard bags and a trunk were a must too.

All this has lead me to ride dangerously. Meaning I don't were leather. I usually wear shorts and a tee.

With the fairing I can mount my suction cup mount for my GPSr.

Any ways the weather is perfect for motorcycle caching!



Pepper playing nice!


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Yeah, I have a helmet lock, but since veiwing the "Matrix 2" movie, I figure I can beat up people with said helmet. Example below..


Me: "Im the first finder! first finder!!"

Other cacher:"No way! I will sign log first!! ha ha!"



I would be into a group of cyclist riding around finding stuff, but I only have so many pockets for trinkets..

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I'm definitely interested. I'm just getting over tendinitis in my left (clutch) arm and am now cleared to ride again. Since the tendinitis started about the same time as I learned about Geocaching I haven't been able to do both at the same time yet.


I have the Garmin bicycle mount on my Etrex and my brother made me a custom stainless steel bar that bolts into the (unused) mirror bolt holes on my BMW. Works great. I used my GPS while riding all last summer and fall and with the maps up I don't have as many wrong or missed turns. Easy to find nearest gas, too.


We should work some group thing out.

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There's a cacher named Goodtimes in Central Oregon who has done many caches by motorcycle, including the off-pavement variety. I saw them going into The Legend of Skull Hollow as I was leaving. Glad I beat them to the cache by a good margin, given Soup's comments about helmets! icon_wink.gif My own preference is to use a bicycle when possible.


"Real men cache in lycra shorts."


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