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How tired do you get after caching?


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I had my route all planned out for the day. I had where I was going to eat for lunch and dinner planned, with estimated times at each cache from viewing topographical maps. It was going to be a 20 cache day. Went to bed fairly early and got plenty of sleep, alarm went off at 5:30 am.


But from the caching I did yesterday, I hiked quite a bit. My muscles did not want to get up, so I think, fine I will sleep another hour and then get moving. Reaching over to hit the snooze button, I must have turned the alarm off completly.


So a little after noon I woke up, and I am so sore from yesterday, that I was just going to do a couple of caches, but as I sit here, I realize that not even that is going to happen.


I love this game, where else can you go and get completly exhausted for virtually free. My total cost of caching yesterday was about 10 bucks. And it provided 6 hours of entertainment. I will take that over video games anyday.

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I've tried to get tons of caches in a day and that just wears me out mentally. The most we've gotten is 17 and we had plenty of time to do twice that many, but we just burned out. Wasn't fun anymore.


Now I'm happy just getting a couple of caches a day. I actually do prefer caches that require a hike in. There is a new one that I really want to do in our area that's a 6 mile round trip. Can't wait to find the time to do that one.


I hear voices.....and they don't like you!

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has anyone noticed that in this day and age we are just lazy? I don't mean to make anyone feel bad but I think It's true. Back in the day our ancestors busted butt all day and night. Feeding family, chopping wood, candles, soap, livestock. Now I go to Home Depot, pick up a Papa Mupheys, do a load of laundry and I need a nap. Let's hope that eventualy Iraq and Afganistan can do the same.My beer is in the other room. I've never done that many caches in one day but I know what you mean. It is a good kind of tired isn't it? Can everyone join me at wishing it on others.


How do I measure myself against other cachers, By height of course

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I'm in that unknown percentage of overweight cachers. I used to get pretty tired after hiking two or three miles across the sand, but a few weeks ago I started walking laps around a newly discovered track, conveniently located only a few blocks from my residence.


After five consecutive evenings of walking 2-3 miles around the track, I went out and did four miles of hiking in the desert. I was ready to do four more after that. icon_biggrin.gif The only thing that bothered me was the rocks in my boots and the loose fit.


A bit of advice: Doc Martens may be stylish, but unless the fit is really good, don't hike in them. icon_razz.gif


It really amazed me how much of a difference regular walking made in my stamina.

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Mr. Snazz certainly isn't alone. I am a 5'5" woman weighing 270#. (top that!) Although I am not in the best of shape, I very much pride myself on the things I have done to find a geocache. How many other women my weight attempt such feats? (You go, girls!) icon_biggrin.gif


I have shared many marvelous caching adventures with my husband, who is also overweight, but in much better shape than I am. As said in a recent log: "My doctor says I am morbidly obese. Obese, sure, but there ain't nothin' morbid about me! On steep routes like this, I just stop occasionally, take a few deep breaths, then continue on." I have climbed up and over hills (etc.) that I never thought I could have, until after Doug and I discovered geocaching. Our goal this year is to do fewer "dash and cache" and more "hike and cache." We're slowly working up to that.


Ok, so I got kinda mushy, but that's really how I feel about caching. Thank you so much to the people that got this whole 'game' rolling!

--laurak of dasein


--Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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