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Waypoint sort order different than website; could not solve cache

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Dear friends

When trying to find a cache yesterday we got already hopelesly lossed at the first waypoint. We were using the geocaching app for instructions. After an hour we gave up. At home looking at the website I discovered the issue. 

On the website the waypoints were ordered Parking, Start, 2. Stage

However on the iphone app they were sorted 2.Stage, 3.Stage.......Parking, Start

The last ones fell of the iphone page so they got unniticed by us. The parking coordinates were given in the topmof the page anyway. There we tried to solve 2.Stage, which was impossible since we needed to solve Start first. Want tonsee it for yourself? Cache GC24X4E shows the error.

Dear friends, can you please check if you can solve this behaviour?



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When I open the cache in the official app, I have to scroll down the waypoints until I see Start, click on that, and then scroll down some more to see what I need to do (How many arcs...?).

I can understand why you wouldn't notice the description. The way the app works here isn't  ideal.

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