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ORV Ride to the Top of Michigan


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Ride was fun, lots showed up.   Heavy rain days before cut the dust way down but lots of water on the trails and a few washouts.   View is very limited due to the tree's.   You can drive to top by car but road is rough in some areas due to wash outs etc.  We followed snowmobile trail down old RR grade (never was used)  to get there and a remote and rough 2-track trail down hill back.  View would be better after leaves are gone.

Note - People from all over the world have been there (guest book to sign) but I never been and only live 45 miles away.  Can check that off my bucket list!






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I recall back in 1982 when USGS determined that Arvon was higher.   There was a story in Houghton newspaper about it.   USGS was all over da UP updating maps circa 1982.  We ran into their leveling and mapping crews in Gwinn-Palmer area, Baraga, Munising and I heard they were mapping in the Seney Nat'l Wildlife Refuge as well.   The chief of the party was originally from the Munising area and I know a person who was working on his crew (HS together) during that time, he later worked for us at the DOT.  He did not want go to Florida with them, bugs were bad enough in Seney refuge he said.  We had lunch (at Helen's Iron Skillet in Gwinn) with the party chief on one occasion.   The mapping crew consisted of just 2 men, rodman on a dirt bike and instrumentman in 4x4 pu.  Hired lots of local help.  Leveling crew was 4.

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