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Open Cycle Map - API Key Required

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I really like the Open Cycle Maps on the site, as they show topo lines and detailed trail routes.  Recently the maps have a big overlay on them saying "API Key Required".

I did a bit of Google searching to find that the Open Cycle Maps is administered by Thunderforest.  I registered at their site, and have an API key.  However, they suggest you append this text to the end of the map URL:


it doesn't work.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


API Key Required.jpg

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That key needs to be appended to the tile URL, not the map-page URL you see in the browser.

It'll be up to Groundspeak to arrange a key with Thunderforest, and pay the appropriate fee based on expected usage.

(The lack of maps freely available at high volumes may be the reason Groundspeak conjured up their own OSM-based map - as seen on the cache page - but I gather it's not anywhere near as easy as it looks.  BTW, I once looked into what it would take to generate my own OpenCycleMap or similar map tiles, quickly went OMG, and found something else to do.)

PS: Where did you make that screenshot?  That's not the website map at www.geocaching.com/map/ because I use that all the time but don't recognize the widgets at the lower-left corner.  Coincidentally, I already had the website map open on OpenCycleMap when I saw your message, but have never seen that API-key message, and on inspection, I see the tile URLs do indeed have an API key appended.

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I wonder if this might be an issue with the GME (Geocaching Map Enhancements) userscript. (The screenshot shows the GME tools at the bottom left corner.) I have looked at OpenCycleMap on the geocaching map both with and without the userscript being active. "API Key Required" only appears with the userscript. Sorry, but I can't help with a solution.

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A small workaround for this Problem.

  • First you need an API key (free of charge at: https://manage.thunderforest.com/).
  • Second step:
    Call GME configuration.
    Switch to 'manage maps' and check OpenCycleMap.
    After that click 'save' to delete OpenCycleMap.
  • Last step:
    Call GME configuration again. Switch to 'manage maps'. 
    Now add the following line to the area 'Add map Sources | Mapsource: '.
[{"alt": "OpenCycleMap", "tileUrl": "https://tile.thunderforest.com/cycle/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE", "name": "ocm", "ignore":false}]

Confirm with 'save' and enjoy.

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