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[BUG]: Overlapping cache icons - browsing vs search results

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I've noticed inconsistent behavior in presenting stacked cache icons - between the Browsing map and Search Results map.


In the Browsing map, clicking on an area of overlapping cache icons will present a popup box indicating that there are multiple caches ("1 of 2 nearby results").

Clicking on that same area in the Search Results map presents a popup box that suggests there is only one cache there ("1 of 1 nearby results"). One has to zoom in close enough for the icons to separate before realizing that there are multiple caches at that location.


It would be preferable to have the popup box on the Search Results map behave the same as does the Browsing map, so we don't 'miss' caches when clicking around on the Search Results map.


Attached image shows the difference for caches GC6F85 & GC123H6. Other example cache pairs: GC5GT6J & GC76Z22, GC1VXNK & GC35CPT, GC8255 & GC4CGK6.



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I don't ever recall an ability to see stacked caches on the maps. Is new?

The "1 of 2" / "2 of 2" labels in the popup box has existed for a while, at least a couple years? It happens when cache icons are close together on the map, but apparently only when browsing the map 'Play -> View Geocache Map'. When mapping search results, then this doesn't appear. I don't recall if it's ever existed in the search results map. I'd hope that both maps would have it. I've tried with both Firefox and Edge.


Here's another example, you'll see that if cache icons are close together (even if they are not completely overlapping), then multiple cache names will appear on mouse-over and the popup box will show there are multiple caches:


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