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Release Notes (Website only, Tagging Friends) - June 20, 2017

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This was the original request, for context:


I'd like to see an option on the iPhone app to check in users you are with so the cache logs to their account as well and everyone doesn't have to have their app open and whatnot!


Thanks :) Ok, now I just wonder why the other come with her at all :P Isn't logging the cache part of the experience? At least it was at the time I started with this hobby. Nowadays it might have changed a bit and having that kind of feature an owner might only get very short TFTC logs at all :(


At least this would be a feature I wouldn't care much as long as I could completely opt out

I kinda understand the 2013 request. Let's say Jack and Jill go caching together, and Jack is the one with his phone out to say '30 ft over there'. Both Jack and Jill search and sign the logbook, but Jill doesn't want to take our her phone to open app -> load up the cache -> submit log or save draft. It may not be 'laziness' on Jill's part - maybe Jill's phone battery is too low OR maybe Jill has her hands full with their dog/child.

In such instances, Jack can 'tag' Jill in his log. Then Jill will have all of those caches in her email, so that she can log them individually. Of course, that assumes that the email notifications arrive in the correct order that Jack logged them. If it was me, I would still go to Jack's profile to see what order the caches were logged, but that's because I like to keep my logs in the correct order within a day.


Besides a Jack and Jill scenario, it could also be a Parent/Child situation - where the Parent handles the phone and 'tags' their child's account.


Again, it's not a feature that I would use, but it seems some cachers like the social aspect of 'tagging' and 'friends'.


When me and my missus used to do this I would log all the finds for the day, she would look at my public profile, see a list of all caches I'd found that day all on one page and could click each one in turn to log them, a lot simpler than having ~20 emails each with a different link.


Can't see me ever using the "tag a friend" feature.

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