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Oklahoma's Best Caches


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This thread is intended to guide fellow geocachers to the best caches (and best kept secrets) Oklahoma has to offer!


It takes different strokes for different folks. Whether it's the great locations/views, puzzle/problem solving, physical challenges like climbing/swimming, educational/historical value or creative camo/containers/hosts, we all award favorite points for various reasons. If you're like me, you look forward to visiting the best caches possible to maximize the time spent out and about. In my recent experience with the caches with high ratings and favorite points, I have realized that ratings and favorite points are not always directly correlated with the excitement or pleasure received while signing the log. If you were able to narrow your favorite caches in Oklahoma down to the top five, what would they be and for what reason? To start this thread, here's my list:


GC6XJQA INFERNAL DEVICE - Possibly one of the best caches in the world! A must-see! High difficulty rating, but the time, planning and resources put into this cache by the COs and the experience you will receive from it have raised the bar for caches in Oklahoma! Think "Saw", the movie.

GC173B The View From Above - A fun hike leads to a beautiful view from the top of a mound. There is also a small cave to explore. One of the oldest caches in Oklahoma, placed on 8/18/01.

GC5JHXB GeoPinball - Creative and interactive host/camo.

GCTQ3P Deep Thoughts and Contemplation - Creative camo.

GC6H93T - Well, Calrissian, Did He Survive? - Difficult access and physically exhausting, but well worth signing the log. I believe the signers of this log belong to a very small fraternity of adventure seekers.


Disclaimer - At the time of this post, I have only found 332 caches, so I'm sure there are many more caches in Oklahoma I haven't yet found that deserve to be on a bucket list.

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Never got to any of those five when I was living in Medicine Park, unfortunately.  Looks like I missed out.


I really enjoyed the virtual and earthcaches in the Wichita Moutains Wildlife Refuge, but then I lived in Medicine Park, so they were convenient.

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