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Two Questions to Garmin

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Montana 650 specifically but other models as well.


1. Is there a way to sort track names in the Track Manager list by alpha / nearest? (Similar to waypoints in Wpt Mgr)


2.How to "bulk change" user determined track characteristics such as "track color" and "show on map" that seem to revert or change whenever/during software updates.


Would temporarily changing from my standard profile during update cure the undesired changes in #2?


Any input would be appreciated.


Garmin CS answers...very polite, but ...

1- NO


3- ??????

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I can't remember what the interface on the Montana 650 is like. On my Oregon 450, there's no way to choose the sorting method. On my Oregon 600, there is for every category of object to search for. The Montana 680 is likely to have this feature as well, but the 650 might still be on a UI similar to the older Oregons.


I think you can set the track color in Basecamp and that will transfer over to the Oregon, but I don't think this is a bulk action. But I don't think there are any bulk methods for changing track colors in the GPS itself. I'm pretty sure that turning on "show on map" must be done within the GPS.


I don't know about #3. You'll have to try it next time you do a firmware update.

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