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A compliment

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I just returned from a visit to Sarasota, Florida, where I found a bunch of caches in and about Myakka River State Park. I want to compliment the caching community there, to suggest it as destination, and to urge others to follow their example.


It seems that many of the caches are archived and replaced on a yearly basis. Some of the same containers, most of which are better than just pill bottles ot film cans, are reused in nearby locations. This gives catchers an incentive to return to the park, while giving hikers and bikers something to do when they return to the park. Since the old caches are archived, the 500 foot rules does not get in the way of placing new caches. Since the latest cations and GC numbers are new, there is no double logging and there is still a real search.


I'd like to see caches on trails get recycled like this. It would give those who hike only to find caches a reason to revisit the trails. It would give hikers something to do while hiking trails they've already hiked.


Incidentally, the caches in Myakka are generally outstanding. I found a "series" of 4 caches, all of which were ammo cans. On a prior visit, there were a bunchh of bird houses. When pill bottles are used, they are decorated with more than just a covering of duct tape. All of the caches in the park are with permission. Many are chained in place. The coordinates are dead on.

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Sounds amazing. The park managers seem to care about cache quality. Kudos. You are so fortunate.

I've been to some parks or county-sponsored tours where the managers set a bad example--abandoning their listings after placing them, hiding poor quality containers.

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Since when did the site drop the 528 foot requirement to 500? :D


I agree, to archive/replace repetitive caches placed along a trail every/every-other year or so, to keep some folk's interest in walking it (who may not otherwise), is a good idea. :)

- But I feel most hikers don't really need that motivation.


Supposedly the issue of double-logging was to be "fixed" by now.

We don't see many folks "rewalking" an area for find count if they were gonna cheat their count anyway.

Walking along with another who hasn't found 'em maybe.


Sounds like a fun spot. Thanks for the heads-up. :)


Edited to add...Dbl logging now appears to be done.

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