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Release Notes (Website: New logging page) - April 27, 2017

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In my notifications, I have enabled several log types, incl. NA. Today, I got a notification for an NA log, and the log text was the German version of a standard text template (along the lines of "This geocacher has reported, that the cache should be archived. A reviewer has been notified.") Later, a "Disable" log from the reviewer came in, so a reviewer has in fact been notified ;) . Therefore I assume that boilerplate NA logs are indeed generated, when "Cache should be archived" is selected in the new logging page.

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@ChileHead: Did you get a Needs archived log showing on the cache listing as a result? I'm curious if peter-tvm's experience above was a one-time fluke or if selecting "Cache should be archived" really doesn't create an NA log. That would be a very bad thing, because the instant notification system wouldn't send an email without the log being created, and there would be no easily-viewable record of the NA being submitted.


Yes, no problem with it getting posted. It seems the posts of the canned text go through fine, at least in all the cases I've seen. I'd just like to edit it before posting though.

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For a concrete example of why I find limiting logs to one uncaptioned photo repulsive, take a look at my log from yesterday's find on Valley of the Falls (GC72T55). This is a five stage multi spanning a couple of kilometres horizontally with close on five hundred metres descent into the valley and climb back out again, taking us the best part of a day to complete as we soaked up the stunning natural beauty and history of the tracks.


Fortunately I was still able to opt out of the new logging page and use the old one. After going through my photos from the day, I started uploading the ones I thought would add perspective to my narrative, or fill in the gaps that the 4000 character log limit didn't allow me to cover in words. Once done, I realised I'd uploaded eighteen of them. Many of the photos rely on their caption to make sense; without them they're just pretty pictures that don't contribute to the story.


For me, the one photo limitation of the new logging page cuts out the heart of my logging experience. Sure, the great majority of P&G caches probably don't need it, but why spoil it for those that do? Removing functionality because it's not used very often is false economy.

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