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Sao Paulo to Ape and back, end of April

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Totally unexpectadly I might have time from 29. April to 1 May to travel to the Ape cache. I'll be on a business trip to Rio, and as things stand at the moment I don't have anything planned for Monday 1 May, giving me 3 days to fly to Sao Paulo, rent a car and drive to the Ape cache and stay there two night.


Is anyone else going around this time? I'm thinking about sharing my car.


Is anyone else going this weekend and has already booked transport, and fancy taking a friendly person along?


I also consider only going down Saturday/Sunday if it fits other people's planning, though it would be a very tiresom trip.


hope to hear from you.

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Hi I've been living in SP for over a year and meaning to get to the APE cache! Are you still thinking of going to the APE? Would you set off on Saturday?

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