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app caching old info?

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this is what happened...


cache is released while we were in the field...managed to open it in the new app...went there, couldn't find it...no hint, other things a little off, but bottom line we didn't find it...no biggie...at home we dnf'ed it and put a watch on it...standard stuff...next day we were in the field again and got an email for a "write note" the CO added...they said they had changed the difficulty and added a hint...ok...call it back up in the app and nothing's changed...still no hint and previous difficulty rating...called it up a few times over the next 40 min or so (as we were returning to the area from a ways away)...still original information...couldn't figure out how to refresh the data so we opened it in a phone browser to get the new hint and rating...so, thought we would report that...of course, if we just don't know how to refresh the cache page the way we were able to in the old app, then we'd appreciate it if someone let us know.

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