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3l diesel

Image Gallery manipulation

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Hi All,


Last week, I made the overnight venture to visit Burning Mountain Earthcache (GC3YTYD) and Burning Mountain, Wingen, NSW, Australia

in Places of Geologic Significance Waymark WMQQ72.


My log for the earthcache was large and I included quite a number of photos. I referred to the earthcache log in my waymark log. I included two photos in the waymark of ten that I included in the earthcache.


Now it is way easier to navigate through geocache images than waymark images. It seems that in geocaching, you can move from image to image by simply clicking a right or left arrow. But in Waymarking, it seems I can only view one image at a time and that by going through a process of several clicks on the correct spots to raise a particular image.


Would it be possible to work through waymark images in a similar manner to geocaching?


Or am I missing the simple and obvious?

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The best you can do is go to View waymark gallery and then hover the mouse over each of the images.

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