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Dutch Geocoin 2016

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Also this year, a Dutch Geocoin design round took place and the winner has been chosen.

The winning design is made by Technetium and contains some images of the 16th century painter Jeroen Bosch.


In 2016, it has been 500 years that died Hieronymus Bosch (also named Hieronymus Bosch or Jeroen Bosch) died.

The birds are a detail of his masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights. The other side contains a part of his etching Boomman. This figure can also be found in

the right panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights.


The samples are ready and the different editions can be reserved here.


Production has been started and shipping is expected around 2nd week of December.


Following editions are made:


RE : antique bronze

LE: antique silver

XLE: antique copper

AE: satin gold (in the set set)


The AE is available via the set (which includes the RE, LE, XLE en AE).




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I am absolutely in love, such a beautiful geocoin. Thank You for posting this. Willem.

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