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How do I attach a underwater-Cache


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Me and my partner want to plant an underwater-station for a multicache.

Cacher shouldn't dive - they pull the cache with rope out of the water.

The Question is: Which material do I use for the rope?

Stainless Steal, fabric, plastic, ect.?

Does any of you have experience with this?

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Kinda depends on what is at the end of the rope.


If it's a stage of the cache where you just want coordinates, say in a preform tube, then just about anything will work. Myself, i'd go for that black trotline string or heavy monofilament. If it is a larger container, say the final, then something heavier might be in order. Stainless fishing wire with a heavy enough rating and crimps would work well. But again, the heavier black trotline string would probably be good. All of these will hold up great but the stainless would last the longest.

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