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Bigger maps on Waymarking.com - Greasemonkey script

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Since I got so much positive feedback for the SearchFromHere-Button-Fix, I played around with Greasemonkey scripts some more; and the result was a script, that enables larger maps on search-result-pages and waymark-details-pages:


BiggerMap.user.js (Version 1.0)


It's far from being finished, but I wanna share it with you to get your feedback.


Installation on Firefox:


  1. Install Greasemonkey Addon
  2. Click / open the script link and confirm script installation
  3. Maybe you'll have to enable the script in about:addons > User scripts


Installation on Chrome:


  1. Install Tampermonkey extension from Google web store
  2. Click / open the script link
  3. A Tampermonkey-page should open with information about the script. Hit the Install-button on that page.


Features / Usage:


  • On all pages with a small map on the upper right (search results, waymark details), there should be a link "Enlarge" above the map.
  • If you click the "Enlarge" link, the map resizes to full width. Additionally, you get a resizer at the bottom of the map to adjust the height of the map.
  • When you click a marker on the enlarged map, waymark description and link open in a popup inside the map instead of in the sidebar below the map.
  • The "X"-button on the upper right of the map restores the original small map.
  • The SearchFromHere-Button-Fix is included in this script also, no need to install that additionally.




  • At the moment, the "Search from Here" button on the lower left of the map does exactly the same as the old button below the map, i.e. it opens a new page with search results from the current map position. Instead, it should update the markers on the map and not open a new page. Maybe, there is not even needed a button for this and it can be done automatically on map move.
  • Display more search results / markers in the map.
  • Restyle the old bubble-markers, so that waymark details can be included inside the marker instead of additionial popups.
  • Maybe, give the option to position the map fixed at the top of the window, so you can scroll the search results and see the map at the same time.
  • Maybe, highlight the corresponding search result when clicking on a marker somehow.
  • Store the map size in a cookie, so that you don't have to resize the map anew on every page.


Known Bugs:


  • The waymark-detail-popups should be displayed centered above the corresponding bubble-marker when clicking on the marker. However, sometimes they are positioned a little too far on the left.
  • Currently not touch-device-friendly, especially the resizer.


I'm looking forward to get any feedback, improvement suggestions or bug reports. :)

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Worked like a champ in Chrome - just updated Chrome to fix some font issues and was playing around and thought I'd try this. With the enlarge feature Search From Here is now truly useful to me!!


Now I'm wishing I had the ambition to learn more javascript. At present my javascript knowledge is pretty rudimentary.


Got any more cool fixes/add ons in the pipeline???


LATER: Of course it's not a whole lot of use when the maps quit working, which is what they're doing now - again.

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New Version 1.1


BiggerMap.user.js (Version 1.1)


Installation: See above

Update: Just click the link and confirm update / installation




  • Save map size in cookie while navigating Waymarking.com. Will be reset when closing the browser.
  • Additional button on upper right of map to pin the map to the window. This setting will be saved in the cookie also.
  • Restyled map buttons with FontAwesome.

Edited by Narayan,

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New Version 1.2


BiggerMap.user.js (Version 1.2)


Installation: See above

Update: Just click the link and confirm update / installation




  • Markers in map are colored as detailed below
  • New settings popup to allow for enabling/disabling colorizing of markers as well as map-size-saving settings
  • Fixed position of bubble-popups when you click on a marker


Colors of markers:


Purple: created by you

Green: visited by you

Grey: unpublished (pendeing review / declined)

Original colors / white: all others




The colored markers do only work on search-result-pages, not on a single waymark listing, gallery pages, etc. Also, obviously you have to be logged in, to allow for determination which ones are created/visited by you.


As always, I'm happy to get comments, change requests, or bug reports here or directly by mail. Have fun! :)

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I just tried the newest version of the script.

It works fine, again.

And it adds again a very handy feature.


Only thing is: I don't like the colors as they are. They are too purple, too green.

Can't you choose some less garish colors.


Thanks for your work!

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