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Forgive my absence. Prepare to begin.

Dr. Isotope

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Please, forgive my absence. The good doctor has been busy writing a prescription... A prescription for doom!

Spring is getting closer. The event is almost near. Sometime in the next several weeks, clues will be given... New puzzles will need to be solved... Questions will be answered... Plans revealed.


Voss is on to me, so I need to get movin'.


If you want to survive and help set the world on the right course, make an appointment to visit the doctor!


-Dr. I


-Who can you trust?-

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It is no mistake that information will be revealed good Doctor,

But you may underestimate the magnitude of the data I am prepared to reveal.


I could be standing right next to you for I am not the person you think I am. I lurk in the shadows, scanning our caching community to find agents (enemy or otherwise?). They will be dispatched accordingly. The enemy shall fall.


Subsequent to this procedure, I will release the codes. Be patient.



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