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Moving of Geocaches


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Hi there,


During the construction process of a new building at the University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge campus), we have discovered a geocache on-site that we needed to move. We have placed the geocache not too far from it's original place but wanted to get the word out just in case people were confused as to where it cache was.


If anyone has any questions or common place procedure for future reference on what to do if we find another, please reply to this topic.

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First off, thanks for doing this. Many people would simply toss it, but we like your approach better. B) To allow us to identify it and the owner, could you tell us roughly where it was found? EG, between the X and Y buildings, something like that. A rough location that can be found on a map, in other words. Then we (someone here on the forum) can identify which cache it likely is, and let the owner know.


Was there an identifying code inside (GCxxxx), or a name? That would help.


For future reference, this was a good way to do it. You could also send an email to contact@geocaching.com; I believe they handle this kind of thing via that contact point as well. (Though you can probably skip that step this time, since you've already gotten the ball rolling via this channel.)


Thanks again,

VP in Edmonton

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