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Magellan Triton 400 problems

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Hi all. I am having major problems with my Magellan Triton 400. I can't load any caches onto it. Every time I do it won't even recognize that I have my GPS plugged into the computer. I have tried uninstalling Vantage Point and the Magellan Communicator and reinstalling them with no success. Often times when it finally looks like it might send a cache to the GPS I get a blue screen on my computer telling me either IRQL_not_less_or_equal or page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.


According to Vantage Point the GPS and software are up to date.


I never have any issues with the computer running any other programs or websites. It is a newer Asus computer running Windows 10.


Is it my computer? Is it that my GPS is too out of date? Is it that I'm just not computer savvy enough? This is really cutting into my caching time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially with folks who have experience with the Triton series.

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I had the same issues with three different Tritons.


After I had returned the 3rd one for a refund, I went to an event and met a cacher that worked for Maggy at the time.


According to him, there was a huge push my Maggy to get the Triton model line on the shelves. In fact, the company was in such a hurry, that they didn't allow for much in the way of testing the things. My friend told me that in his opinion, Triton was about 6 months premature.


Maggy didn't have a lot of interest in fixing the issues that were found by the public. As far as he knows, they still don't.


Since the Explorist modelline was in the pipeline, and was allowed to go through all the testing, there have been a lot less issues with it. I've had an Explorist 300 for three years, and am pretty happy with it.


And BTW, my Maggy friend was one of the Triton developers.

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