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[FEATURE REQUEST]: Enable display of Disabled caches on map

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Disabled caches do not show up as dots when looking at the Map on the app. Whether they are found or unfound, disabled caches do not appear as dots on the Map. It seems preferable to have this be a user-controlled option. This suggestion would be relevant to both versions of the app (Android and iOS).



On the Filters screen, add a "Show Disabled Caches" option under the existing "Hide my Finds" and "Hide my Caches" options.

On the Map, denote the Disabled caches by greying out the dot.



This would allow CO's to see their own Disabled caches on the app. See this related topic.

Cachers looking at their Lists on the Map will be able to see all of the caches on that List without wondering why a list they know contains 20 caches only results in 17 dots on the map.

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