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Found a disk but can't log it

Team Red Oak

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Several years ago we were in Oregon and found a cache out on a jetty near a survey marker. I took a picture of the disk but we really didn't do much with Benchmarks and I never tried to log it until now and I can't find its listing to log it. Because there was a geocache there I know the coords of the disk and I know the disk was on the south jetty of the Suislaw river in Florence Oregon. When I search for benchmarks using the coords, there is one on the north jetty, but the pictures people posted of that disk are not the same. The disk is a US Army Corps of Engineers Survey Marker dated 1988. We found it in 2009. The jetty is still there, do they remove disks after a while?


We probably shouldn't wait so long to log them. I usually take a picture when I see them, but never bothered to log them before.


Thanks for the help

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The disk you saw was probably never entered in the NGS data base. Only a small fraction of the disks out there in the country were ever measured to the standards needed and submitted for inclusion in the NGS list, even though those disks serve a useful purpose for someone.


The Geocaching list of bench marks is a snapshot of the NGS list from about 2001, which is long enough after 1988 that it should have been there if the data was submitted at the time the disk was placed. We don't expect the Geocaching list of marks to ever change. Nothing is deleted, and nothing is added to keep up with NGS.


Once a disk is entered at NGS, it stays in their list, although if it is reported destroyed you have to use a different search to bring it up there.

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Corps of Engineers survey marks are often unique to the project/structure/ C of E distict they are found in. To find info on those marks you need to contact the C of E district office and see whats available. The ones you find in the NGS database are often there only because they were found and used by some other agency (NOS, NGS etc) who then submitted their work for inclusion. Many agencies do not have the budgets to conform their projects to NGS standards and thus is never in the scope of the work.

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Does anyone know if the National Park Service also has their own database as was suggested with the COE? With the extreme low waters at Lake Amistad in 2013, we found a benchmark in excellent shape and snapped a photo, only to be unable to log it. We just returned from a trip down there this past week, and snapped a photo of the geodisk at Panther Cave, and are also unable to log it.


Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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I do not think the Nat't park has any standards with a database, it probably varies from park to park. They just contract out work as they see fit, each park is appropriated their own budget for projects.

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