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Please recommend good caches between Baltimore and Hershey


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I'm driving from Baltimore to Hershey with a friend on the condition that he give geocaching a try. We are planning 3 hours into out schedule to allow for this. Can anyone recommend any excellent geocaches along this drive?


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Mr. DisQuoi, I believe you should define what you want in an excellent cache. In a previous forum I defined a good cache as follows:

1. It must be a physically demanding hike. Absolute minimum is one hour getting in, one hour getting out on a trail with elevation changes. In general, the harder, the better. This does not include time in area looking under rocks or in tree stumps for the actual cache. (Roads are not trails.)

2. A beautiful and/or interesting final location.

3. Environmental interest. First this means quantity of animal life to view and lack of quantity of human life to view. Plant life, water, and geology are included.

4. Ability to make the in/out process a loop hike. I like to return on a different trail than the one I came in on.

5. I would prefer the cache to be in a place that I have never been to a place that I have been.


To change this from a good cache to an excellent cache I would change first, and most important item, to “Absolute minimum is two hours getting in, two hours getting out.” You and I have a different definition of an excellent cache since you only budget three hours for the excellent cache.


Like with real estate, the three most important things for a cache are location, Location, and LOCATION.

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Here are a few I have either found interesting, or hidden myself and received positive comments on. If you want further info, please feel free to contact me directly. I have listed them roughly from south to north.


Bridge Mural Micro Cache




Devil's Racecourse


Martin's Mill Coins, Cards, and Pins Cache


White Rocks


Cumberland County Coin and Card Cache



N 39° 54.705'

W 77° 33.137'


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