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Map in the app

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Hi guys,


Does anybody know how to change the map in the app? I can only change from street to sattelite, terrain and hybride, but i'd like to see the OSM or mapquest, since they also project the smaller footpaths. On the regular map 'street' they can't be seen.

Is this possible? Or is there another way to get the OSM or Mapquest on my Android?

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Try the Android app C:GEO I have used it a lot the last couple years since b4 there was a 'official app'. As long as you have cell data access on the phone, you can do 'Live' 'Nearby' or 'Stored' for caches. without cell data you must import a gpx file into 'Stored' before leaving data coverage, generally a PQ. Once on a cache map screen you can select google map, google satellite, osm: mapnik, or osm: cyclemap'. You can report find/dnf in the app.

For 'offline' hunting there is no map displayed [requires cell data to provide the map], but a companion app Locus Map will help with that.

Locus Map has both online and offline map options. Before leaving data coverage area, go to Maps, Select map source i.e.USGS Maps, toch opt. dots and download, you can then select the map area you want to download for offline access. The cache location can be added to help visualize here you are going. Once a map is downloaded and stored, it will be there for your use until you manually delete it. The point is you do not have to do this map downloading over and over.

The only problems I encounter are with the phone compass locking up and refuses to rotate as I turn, but that is my phone issue [Motorola Moto X, older android]. I understand that any cell phone GPS recvr will not have the equivalent sensitivity of a hand held in heavy top cover, but phone can do a rough location from cell tower signals, my handheld does not.

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