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Feature request: Include images in offline lists

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Last week I got a good chance to test the new Geocaching app, and specifically offline lists. I was in Cuba, where visitors are not allowed to bring in a hand held GPS (apparently they don't care about smartphones that include a GPS) so had created an offline list for caches in Cuba as well as a short list of caches for brief overnight layovers in Cancun.


For the most part, it worked really well. Creating the list from the website and saving them in the app was really easy. I was even surprised to find that even while in Airplane mode that I could view a basic map and see caches from the lists on the map (I used the compass for actual navigation). Because visitors are not allowed to use a GPS in Cuba many of the cache listings will included instructions or more commonly, images posted by the CO that can be used to narrow down the search area. One of the caches I searched for was (allegedly) in a long cement wall, he kind of hide where accurate coordinates can really help locate where along the wall to search. In this case, the CO had posted three images, include one with red arrows that showed exactly where the cache was hidden. Unfortunately, when using an offline list, and no access to data, these images just showed as black squares.


I would be very useful if images that were posted by the CO were included in the data that is saved in an offline list. I wouldn't expect that all images in the gallery would be included and a option to "save images" when creating the offline list could be useful for anyone that is using the new app with offline lists in a place where they won't have internet access.

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