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Inactive/Archived caches

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Thanks for the info.

I didn't know you could pull up archived caches in the old app...

Yep, you could (and still can) in the Classic app if you have the GC code. Neither would come up in searches, though.


I always found it particularly annoying that I couldn't easily bring up a disabled cache near my location. If I was performing maintenance on one of my disabled caches, I'd either have to go through the website or wait until I got home. I hope they add in the ability to include disabled caches in searches as they continue to develop the app.

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They'll also come up in the "Classic" app if you have them linked to a PQ. There are a good number of archived caches in my area that have never been picked up, and I've got them all saved to Bookmark list, and then I've got that bookmark list linked to a PQ, which I use to check for archived caches that need to be picked up in whatever park I happen to be caching in that day. Sure hope the new app is capable of doing that too.

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