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Gill & Tony

Where to hold an event in Zurich?

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Some time ago I found a TB whose goal is to return to Zurich. Since I will be in Zurich in October I e-mailed the owner who agreed that I should keep it until I arrived there. I thought it might be nice to have an event so I can officially hand over the TB, either to the owner or to a local cacher who can pass it on.


So, I will be staying at the Hotel Altstadt, Kirchgasse, Zürich and was hoping to find a suitable location nearby.


Google Earth shows what seems to be a waterfront park and a cafe close by. At least, lots of umbrellas over tables which might indicate a cafe, and trees and seats alongside the water.


Could someone please advise whether this would be a suitable spot and, in any case, suggest coordinates which could be used?





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