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The "help (Info)" part of the new app is ridiculous - or at least missing what help used to be all about. I start using this new app and have a problem so I select help/info. What do I get? A tutorial on how to geocache. That's like buying a new car with new technology and going to the owner's manual to find out how to make the car run and instead getting a dissertation on rules of the road and how to navigate cross-country. If you think your new app is self-explanatory you're wrong. I've figured out a lot of things by trial and error but it shouldn't have to be so painful. Like an icon with the outline of a human (very similar to Contacts on my iDevices) will give me trackable info. WTF? Why not an icon of a bug? Or the icon that shows up on descriptions beside distance to cache. I have absolutely no idea what that icon represents. That one took me a while to figure out. Sometimes I wish Steve Jobs was back to govern geocaching technology and Garmin (as well as Apple). At least his tech made sense.

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I'm with you - the help is useless. In fact we hate the new app all in all.


Our most-used feature on the old app was creating offline lists when we knew we were about to lose phone signal. That feature seems to have disappeared - it looks like I need to create a list on my laptop before I leave the house which knocks out all spontaneity on the road. I'm also struggling to actually load any data into my lists but that's another issue to do with how little we use the website. It feels like we swapped the perfect tool for something much clunkier. Maybe it just takes some getting used to?

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In several other threads, Geocaching HQ has promised offline lists as the very next feature to be added to the Geocaching® app. Let's use this thread to concentrate on the "Help" features. I would personally agree that a help document would be useful to explain how the app works/ what the icons mean/ where to find features.

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