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Ignored caches showing, no field notes?


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So apparently all the caches I've ignored are showing in the latest version of this app. Perhaps a filter field needs to be added for these, but as long as I'm signed in, I shouldn't even need to mess with a filter for this. Also, the ability to add caches to my ignore list from the app would be nice.


I have Version 3.8.1


Also, the ability to post field notes from this app would be nice. If it's going to be the main app in the long run this needs to be added. I use field notes all the time, and more people should, or learn to take the time to write meaningful logs from their phones in the field.

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These are probably two of my biggest reasons I haven't switched over to the new app yet (along with no offline lists). I have a lot of co-owned caches in my area where I'm a listed owner, but not the owner of record, and I filter them out of my searches using my ignore list, but on the new app they all keep showing up and I can't hide them. And I basically use field notes for every single cache I find, so I can't effectively log any of my finds yet on the new app.

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