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Need rules translated in chinese


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Hi Geocachers !


I am intending to place several caches where I live in Xi'an (CHINA) and I was wondering if any chinese speaker could help me.


Usually, when placing a cache, the owner add the rules of the game in case a newbie find the cache by mistake. I would like to print something like that in chinese too. While in Beijing, I found one in English and Chinese. I can't find anything like that online.


Somebody can help with that ? Either translate or send me a template ?





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See the list of translated "stash notes" on this page.


I wanted to post the same. What I find strange is however that they can conveniently found only on the old search page.

When following the suggestion of the knowledge book one is directed to the new hide page and there a strange menu is offered that only offers some of the languages and moreover is using the local name of the language (in the local alphabet) which is not the ideal solution.

The old list on the old search page is much easier to use.

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