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geocaching in Athens


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I live in the Netherlands and I was planning to go on my own to Athens again for geocaching. I spent more than a year of solving the Olympian Gods cache and now I want to find the cache of course (and other caches). But people around me tell me I better not go to Athens because of the refugees. Is this true? Shpould I wait or is it safe to go?

I hope you can give me advice.





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Hello Elgancv


It's totally safe to visit Athens. Many people from other countries are geocaching all these days, and there has been not a single comment in their logs about lack of safety, you can check for yourself too.


Feel free to contact any of us here for any other questions you may have (yes, that includes extra hints too).


I reckon you are Dutch, there is a Dutch couple that's been geocaching in Athens for two weeks, hildesd and Cake1618, you can ask them directly too.


And when you are in Athens give us a note, who knows maybe you can meet some of us.


Have a perfect time in Greece.



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Refuges are not possing any kind of threat. We barely see them in touristic places, and rarely meet them if you dont go to any of the ( somehow dedicated ! ) places. You must search specialy for them to meet any ! Don't warry my friend, you are totally safe ! If you need ANYTHING you may ask here. Have a nice trip !

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There's no need to worry about not being safe during your visit, as Ovelikios & Mimhs.gr mentioned before me, the refufees aren't causing any trouble. If that makes you feel any better, I was at the port of Pureaus the other day to catch the ferry to Syros, now there are about 3000+ refugees hosted there, if I didn't kbow about them, I wouldn't even notice them. Aside what the media around the world are projecting, the refugees don't cause trouble, they just seek a peaceful, safe future. Would you (generally speaking) cause trouble if you had just escaped the situation they are running aeay from? I know I wouldn't.

Asking here was the best thing you could do. People and media are -let's say because it isn't the right word- overreacting. You will be perfectly safe in Athens :)

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