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  1. Hi, I'm going to Greece next Summer. I would like to spend half and hour to meet local and other geocachers in Athens, also in Crete. Where could be the best place to create a Meet and great event both in Athens and Crete? Efkharisto Manelic
  2. Hi, I've made several cartridges using Urwigo. Never experienced problems when compiling or run to check. So yesterday I committed the mistake of not "save as", and all my work was saved over the previous one. The cartrigde worked properly, good enough to check it "in real". After returning back home and corrected some issues/bugs, I (again), save the changes over the previous one. And now the problem is I can't compile because some errors are shown. Can I recover the work from the last .gwc? or change anything in order to force the compilation? Desperate. Manuel
  3. The same issues, No chances to download any cartridge and no chances to upload a new one (that is going to be published next Thurdsday..). I told the incident to the admins. opening a bug report.
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