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Non-selectable map icon problems

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This problem seems to occur because of the way the map page loads data about where the caches are. Although you can see the cache icons on the map, they're just pictures (actually, transparent map tiles), and not clickable on their own. As you move the mouse over each map tile, your web browser requests data from the servers to tell it whereabouts the caches are, relative to that tile. When the response comes back, the clickable hotspots get activated. At this point, you see the cursor start to change shape when you move it over cache icons, and you can click them to get the popup information. Presumably, this is done to limit the amount of database lookups the servers need to do.


The problem is worse when you have a slow or unreliable network connection, if you are using a touchscreen rather than a mouse, or if you are particularly fast and accurate in clicking the mouse.


To make things work better, move the mouse near to the cache you're interested in, wait a second, then click the icon. With a touchscreen, tap the icon, wait a second, then tap it again.


If nothing's coming up at all, it may be that your internet connection had dropped out at the time your web browser tried to get the cache location data. If its request fails the first time, the browser doesn't try again until you zoom in or out, or refresh the page. Change the zoom and try again.

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