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Log Change from HTML to Markdown


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Der[green] Alte[/green] schaut auf jeden Fall, dasses klappt [navy]ATTENDMÄßIG[/navy] und achtet darauf, dass die [red] .................


:blink: :blink: :o !


Logs like these are the reason why I'm in favor of the change, even if the options for meaningful formatting (as opposed to wild font-and-color shenanigans) are now rather limited.


That was ART, sweetheart.

And it was BEAUTIFUL.

Of course it looks absolutely AWFUL now.


It´s like throwing a bucket of water into a water colour painting and say:

Hmm. There seems to be a problem with your painting.

We don´t support water colours anymore!

But you can just go and change it all into oil colours, no problem...

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Logs are text. This "art" was making use of functionality for enhancing text, not making use of art tools on a canvas. The primary purpose of the logs isn't to create visual "art", so if its functions change, then yep, the problem is with the "art". It's unfortunate extra work, but that's the tradeoff; make use of a workaround for an unintended goal (here, "art"-making in a text log), and you can't complain when the workaround is changed in the future (this goes for more in life than just logs on gc.com)


Alternatively, you could recreate and screen-capture your art, then post it as an image with the log instead of as plaintext. Then it'll remain framed and on display forever for the world (well whoever visits the cache listing and scrolls through its history) to see.

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