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Sending to My Cache Help

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I think the first thing we need to know is what kind of GPS are you using and do you have a Premium membership at geocaching.com.


I have a Garmin Oregon and there are several ways to send waypoints to it. I don't remember any of those requiring me to check a user agreement box? Can you tell us where/how you are trying to download?


I usually use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) for sorting the waypoints (which is free or you can pay to upgrade). You just click a few tabs and highlight the area of the map you want waypoints for; they are loaded into GSAK by api.


Sometimes I'll run a PQ (pocket query) at geocaching.com to get a big batch of waypoints. This is a Premium Member feature. It is received as a zip file; I think the maximum is 500 waypoints and there is a limit of 5 PQs per day. I'll drag & drop the zip file into GSAK to take a look at the caches and filter out the ones with 4-5 recent DNF (did not find) logs, or the ones with higher difficulty or terrain than I'm in the mood for.


Without GSAK or premium membership, I think your only options are to download one at a time from each cache page or from a search results page. Once we have more info we can help you better.

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