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Best method of selling geocoin collection?


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Hi! I haven't been on here in ages. Hubby and I were quite active in caching and especially coin collecting until about 5 years ago when we adopted two foster kids. Now we have no time, energy, or money for it and have a really nice collection, mostly from 2006 and 2007. We want to sell our collection, at least the unactivated ones. I haven't been encouraged by some of the prices on ebay..... So where is the best place to sell in order to get the best price? I wanted to hand our coins down to our kids, but we can't afford to hang on to them any longer and need to get fair value for them. Appreciate input and suggestions! Thanks!


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I doubt you would get prices that are much higher than the ebay ones anywhere. Sell there and advertise your sale wherever you think the coin collectors will see your ads.


Ok, thanks! It seemed a few years ago that there were not many listings on ebay, so I wondered if that was no longer the place to sell. I have noticed more listings so I plan to slog through and see if any like ours have been up for sale lately. I haven't seen Crakes go much higher than purchase price, which really surprised me, but I haven't been researching very long this year.

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Besides the e-place where you sell individually, it will take a list or file of some sort for folks to even consider buying any.


You also mention 2006/2007. Are a lot of them non-trackable? A lot were back then.


Yep, working on a list. It's going to take some re-research to remember specific finishes and LEs, etc. I can't believe it's been so long, lol! Almost all of our coins are trackable, as I was trying to keep up with SE Michigan cachers who had fabulous icons that I also wanted, lol! Then I just started collecting for the sheer variety of coins and cool icons were gravy. We have some non-trackables, but not many.

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