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Client-Side Image-Mapping


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Back in 2004 I created a cache utilizing Client-Side Image-Mapping. For example, visualize a picture(i.e. vertical/horizontal pixel locations) on a website with a rolodex sitting on a desk. Clicking on the rolodex then links you to an internal or external web address or gives you specific instructions. So, why doesn't GC support it now in their HTML for newly design caches? If they say it is for security reasons, I do not agree. If that function has been unintentionally removed and poses no security risk, then please put it back. Does anyone else out there care?

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I just added a client-side image map to an unpublished cache listing. It works just fine.


What markup are you trying to use? Perhaps the HTML Tidy filter that Groundspeak uses is getting confused by invalid/prohibited markup, and is breaking the client-side image map in the process.

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