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Visiting August 8-9

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Hello. I am a geocacher from British Columbia. I will be down in the Auburn, Kent, Sumner area next weekend (August 8-9). My hubby and his boy are going to the races at Pacific Raceway, and being the only girl in our group and not very interested in cars, I am going geocaching. I'm just wondering if a local can give me a good idea of where to go, or if anybody that might want to take me around to some cool spots. I won't have access to a vehicle, but I have two good legs :-)

I think it might be neat to meet some fellow cachers during our travels.



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My family and I will be out of town next week, but your best bet is to use the search feature, maybe sort it by favorites, then make a PQ out of it? there are some great caches in the area, but by and large, like any suburbia, lot's of duds too.. If your more adventurous, and can do a bit of hiking, well then this area is pretty special. Places like Cougar/Tiger Mountain have hundreds of caches, some great ones, a lot of not so great ones, but you'll get lots of good hiking in, some great views of Seattle etc. Venture out along I90, and you have the Iron Horse State Park, with miles of easy to walk/bike ride. If your more in to urban hunts, and want to do a little Seattle sightseeing as well, head on over to the Seattle Waterfront/Pike Place Market area.. some pretty wild, and interesting caches in that area. Then there's the Lime Kiln trail up near Granite Falls, and the caches along the Mountain Loop Highway with the Big Four Ice caves and Monte Cristo are spectacular hikes and have some fun caches. Snoqualmie Falls is a fantastic place to visit with some fun caches as well.


Another option.. if you're in to hiking, go to this website.. http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes

and maybe pick a hike that sounds good, and there is bound to be one or more caches along the route.


let us know how it goes.

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