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canuck thistles

Relocating to Abu Dhabi

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I am moving to Abu Dhabi for 2 years in August and am hoping to meet up with some fellow cachers. I am used to caching with my husband but he has to stay behind in Canada to finish up another degree, so I am hoping for an event or two to get to know folks :)

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There is a pretty active group of cachers in Abu Dhabi - and a couple of Canadians as well [:D] You can also have a look at the Facebook Group "Geocaching United Arab Emirates" - a lot of activity there as well. Enjoy your stay!

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We stayed in Abu D for a few years. Some real fun caches there - not a huge amount compared to most areas -but a great bunch of guys.


My suggestion - host an event (or attend an event) as soon as possible.




  • Get a way to get access to a 4x4 so you can get into the desert - as most of the best caches are not park and grabs
  • Don't go to the desert alone (2 cars m,inimum)
  • Make sure you get to some of the more remote areas (like Ruwais. al Ain, Hatta and especially into Oman - you do not need a visa to cross at Al Ain)
  • Don't worry too much about the Dubai city caches - the remote ones are far more fun
  • EXPLORE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Find the caches with favourite points
  • Looks for other caches by people you enjoy (some great ones in Abu Dhabi near Yas track - Camel master and bestvue are also good as are..... +++++)
  • Try Earthcaches
  • Be careful about photos of governmetn buildings (learn the cultural aspects from a local expereinced cacher)
  • Have a blast - and have fun
  • Beware of the heat! Take Water, remmeber petrol stations are few and far between out of town

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