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BUG: Cannot see cache after logging DNF

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The background for this bug report is the thread Temporary cache.


This appears to be one of those unintended consequences of well-intentioned features.


Basic members using the free app are allowed to see traditional caches with low difficulty and terrain ratings, that have no problems reported against them.


A DNF log is considered a problem reported against the cache, which hides the cache from basic members using the free app.


Even if the basic member in question is the one who logged the DNF.


So if a basic member using the free app tries to find a cache and fails (e.g., because the D1.5 cache is hidden in "the usual spot" and the beginner hasn't learned where "the usual spots" are yet), then the basic member can no longer see the cache in the app, which makes it hard to go back to the cache location for another attempt. So the basic member learns not to post DNF logs, because doing so blocks access to the cache listing.


Thus, the behavior of the free app (when used by basic members) trains them not to post DNF logs. Which contradicts Groundspeak's efforts to get people to post DNF logs, for example:

DNF for the Good of All Humanity

Why to Log a DNF

Why You Should Log Your DNF’s

What log type should I use?

How Do I Log a Find on the Free Geocaching Intro App? (iPhone)

How do I log a find? (Android)

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Curious, that "bug" was from a cacher who started a week ago.

Have you tried it yourself to see if it indeed is the case?

- CJ's not here, so I can't play with her iPhone. :)

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niraD - We are aware of this bug and should have a fix for it soon

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