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Help with Garmin 64s

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Hi everyone!

I am fairly new to Geocaching and received a Garmin 64s for my birthday. After playing around with it the last few nights, I am struggling with trying to figure out how it works. The manual that came with it wasn't very helpful and I haven't been able to find much online that walks me through the steps, so I am wondering if maybe I should stick to my cell phone since that is the only way I can seem to figure it out ;) Can anyone give me any advice on how to use it? Or any tips/tricks that they have learned? We are going to Colorado next month and I am hoping to have it figured out by then since I am assuming my phone won't have the best signal in the mountains. I hooked up the GPS to my computer so I could send caches to the GPS, but I am unsure how to find them... or if they are just in with the Geocaches that are programmed into the GPS. I am not even sure if this post makes any sense to anyone haha but any advice would be helpful!


Thank you!!


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The garmin 64 wiki might also be helpful. To take full advantage of its "paperless" caching information (description, hint, logs) you will need to be a premium member, but you can put basic cache information into your gpsrwithout doing so. There are a number of benefits to premium membership including the ability to search for caches and load caches through pocket queries.


You may want to check out many of free OSM maps - do a google search for free garmin maps or ask for help here if you need it.


http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl or gpsfiledepot.com are two sources that many use.


Learning how to upload field notes to this site will help you log your finds efficiently.


Depending on the app you use, the 64s can work well with your phone. Caches saved off line with your phone can provide information and have graphic displays, allowing you to use the 64s efficiently as need arises

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