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Cannot submit new cache

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I'm struggling to submit a new cache.

After entering the reviewer note, the "Save and preview" button does nothing. The page just refreshes and I cannot get further. If I then go back to previous pages, all of the information I entered onto Page 3 has gone (except the cache name, placed by, and date placed).

I have tried submitting the cache on two different browsers with exactly the same outcome. This has never happened to me before. Has a bug been introduced?



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I think I've figured out what was causing the problem. I tried again, omitting the link to the background image, and it worked. Adding the image link into the submitted listing also failed. However, the image's name contained a space (e.g. "image name.jpg") - removing this seemed to cure the problem.

If indeed this is the cause, some sort of error message should be introduced.


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