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  1. And now the logs on GC8NEAT are coming in, it's clear that most are logging previous CITOs, some from as far back as 2018, and possibly further. I hope Groundspeak deletes all of these spurious logs. There should be no place in geocaching for cheats, especially when it means that they're not going out and making an environmental difference with a genuine CITO activity
  2. The Project GC labs have now been removed: I expect the other locationless ones will follow soon.
  3. There are currently 3 lotationless adventures: https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/howdy https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/netchvilski https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/pgclab2019 And I think more will be published soon. A good place to find them is the Lab Caches map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?fbclid=IwAR2LAjkvBLddbReNTbWUz8oxg1A9gK2UXn6XQhWaQKJjxOIUFzkQf-N94Ho&mid=1CbuZErPABzTp34St2faQPS_-EL7g8vI-&ll=22.714327052531186%2C13.13302739999989&z=2 (also see the Lab Caches Map group on Facebook). I'm not sure how I feel about doing these locationless adventures though, as it doesn't really seem to be in the true spirit of geocaching. I guess it's not cheating because they're meant to be done in this way, but it kind of feels like it a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if Groundspeak stop locationless adventures from being published, and I wouldn't argue against it. Having said that, I'm still doing them, and the Netchvilski one is excellent!
  4. Some older caches were published without a size - these are listed by Groundspeak as having size "Not chosen". I have noticed that some of these "Not chosen" caches are correctly stored in my GSAK database with size "Not chosen", whereas others have size "Unknown". The reason for this has been narrowed down to an inconsistency in the way in which the Groundspeak API exports the data. (I raised this on the GSAK forum (here), but it's not really a GSAK issue.) For example: GC3GKQ2, GC3W76R and GC1JXYG are all correctly given the "Not chosen" size in GSAK. But GC48R49, GC3CC29 and GC2YYE1 are all held as "Unknown", which differs from their Groundspeak size. When exporting a .gpx from the cache's web page, they all correctly have a "Not chosen" size. But the API doesn't always do this - only some of them are "Not chosen". I'm not quite sure how the size is handled in the others (blank or an invalid value, I guess) but it isn't recognised by GSAK, and so they are stored there as "Unknown". Can anyone explain why the API exports some (but not all) of the "Not chosen" caches incorrectly? Is this a bug or deliberate? Thanks. 
  5. My initial thoughts... I want to be able to see all caches on the map, not just those that are in my search filter (although the option to be able to do this is a good idea). No OpenStreetMap! Seems slower than before. I will absolutely be continuing to use the old map unless this is improved.
  6. Bazonka


    Yes please! Some way of sorting the souvenirs into meaningful sections would be very welcome. Automatic or manual, I don't care, anything would be an improvement on the random mess that we have at present.
  7. This is what I see when I open the map (all browsers):
  8. I also use Firefox normally, but I have also just tested IE, Chrome and Opera. They all show the icon in the wrong place when I first open the caching map. I have noticed it on other computers too, so it's not just my laptop/screen.
  9. Why does the "Find My Location" icon (the one that looks a bit like a target) appear half way across the map when I start it, and only moves to its correct place above the zoom in/out buttons once I've opened the side panel and then closed it again. Quite annoying.
  10. This should be an optional feature. It's not very helpful to hide the types of unfound caches.
  11. I see scales for both the socialist and imperialist measurement systems on the Mapbox maps. All of the maps have scales for both. I was referring to the contour labels. Moot at this point, however. MapBox is gone and MapQuest OSM is back. Crisis averted I suppose. And MapQuest is gone again, replaced by Google maps. I wish they'd make their minds up... it's making a right mess of my Maps puzzle cache.
  12. So Groundspeak are tacitly condoning armchair logging... I appreciate that these caches were amusing, but not exactly an April Fool - who actually thought they were real?
  13. I think I've figured out what was causing the problem. I tried again, omitting the link to the background image, and it worked. Adding the image link into the submitted listing also failed. However, the image's name contained a space (e.g. "image name.jpg") - removing this seemed to cure the problem. If indeed this is the cause, some sort of error message should be introduced. Thanks.
  14. I'm struggling to submit a new cache. After entering the reviewer note, the "Save and preview" button does nothing. The page just refreshes and I cannot get further. If I then go back to previous pages, all of the information I entered onto Page 3 has gone (except the cache name, placed by, and date placed). I have tried submitting the cache on two different browsers with exactly the same outcome. This has never happened to me before. Has a bug been introduced? Thanks.
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