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PQ files not found when trying to download

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All files should now be available for download.


This is not the case, I can still not download c375f1db-3d52-4157-b982-1f33a1eac96a.zip (Foundinthelast7days; 2015-05-21 04:33:00; 718560 B; 731 records; 6 days left)


You might need to to a hard refresh of your browser. When I spoof log in as you, that PQ downloads fine for me.

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New issue but related to pocket query problems . . I can download the pocket query, but it's not coming to me as a .zip file. In fact there is no extension, just my file name and then numbers and symbols for the last 5-7 characters. My pocket query down loads in April and early May were definitely .zip files. Subsequently I need to rename it to .zip to be able to open it.


Hope this helps someone or is fixable to GC that would be great!



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