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Handheld & Auto GPS Devices For Sale.

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I am selling ALL of my Auto and Handheld GPS devices and starting over with new equipment. Therefore, I have to recover as much monies as I can from what I already own. Please review the list below, for I hope one of them will peak your interest.


1. *Garmin GPSMAP-60CSX (Handheld GPS) with Dashboard Gimbal Mount and USB/Power Cable - $200 OBO.

2. *Garmin GPSMAP-62S (Handheld GPS) with TOPO, Carry-Case and USB/Power Cable - $220 OBO.

3. *Garmin Oregon 600 (Handheld GPS) with TOPO, 4Gig Micro SD Card and USB/Power Cable - $300 OBO.

4. Magellan eXplorist 210 (Handheld GPS) with Factory Street Maps and USB Computer Cable - $75 OBO.

5. *Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT (Auto GPS) with Windshield Mount and Traffic & Power Cable - $120 OBO.

6. *Garmin Nuvi 5000 (Trucker/Auto GPS) with Windshield Mount and Traffic & Power Cable - $70 OBO.


All of the above GPS units work great, are in excellent condition and *Registered with Garmin in my name. When each item is paid in full and shipped, I will contact Garmin and un-register it, so the buyer may re-register it. I do not have the printed manuals. However, they are downloadable through Garmin and several other internet sources. Shipping costs will be at the buyer's expense and dependent upon the buyer's choice of shipping agent and location.


Since I seldom visit the forums, please send your inquiries by Direct E-Mail to: fledermaus98367@yahoo.com

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